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About Our Team

FirstEdge® is comprised of a highly experienced and seasoned management team with deep experience in Designing, Engineering, Manufacturing, Marketing and Selling complex products. The team has successfully built and managed Manufacturing, Technology, Distribution and Consumer Companies.

Brett Seber

Chief Executive Officer
Brett Seber is the Chief Executive Officer for FirstEdge. Brett has nearly 30 years of experience as a senior executive in the knife and tool industry. Brett is the inventor of over 100 international patents and 65 US patents, with 20 US patents pending. He has received multiple awards and has national and international published papers for his product designs. Early in his career, Brett worked as the Director of Research & Development for both McGuire Nicholas Manufacturing Co, Inc. and Buck Knives, Inc., developing new products and bringing them to market.

Jason Mapel

Military Sales
Jason is responsible for FirstEdge’s Military & Governmental Sales Programs. Jason is a former Marine who served with distinction in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since retiring from the Marine Corps, Jason has held senior sales positions at a number of companies that work with the Military. Amongst these are ADS, one of the largest Prime Vendors in the USA and Line of Fire Gloves.

Les Edelstein

Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Les Edelstein is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for FirstEdge. Les is the former owner and CEO of Moteng Inc., one of the largest independent knife distributors in the USA, where he managed the purchasing, selling and marketing of over 120 brands of Knives, including Tactical, Everyday Carry, Hunting and Utility knives. Edelstein has been involved in a number of O.E.M. Knife, Security implements and Eyewear projects, including both Folding and Fixed Blade Knives as well as Tactical Eyewear.

Wes Cleary


Wes Cleary is FirstEdge’s Engineer responsible for CNC programming, Tooling, Fixturing and Prototyping. Wes has over 30 years of experience in hands-on Manufacturing. Wes’ extensive experience includes Engineering positions at Buck Knives, Delta Design and Sergeant Industries Aerospace Division. In addition, Wes has owned and run Promach CNC Manufacturing. At FirstEdge® Wes has designed and built tooling & fixturing for all knife models, including sheaths.

Wes Tom

Manufacturing Director
Wes Tom is FirstEdge’s Chief Product Engineer responsible for Product Development, Prototyping and Production. One of the most knowledgeable individuals in USA knife manufacturing, Wes has over 35 years of experience in Knife Manufacturing. He has been instrumental in bringing many hundreds of models of knives from concept to reality. Wes’ extensive experience includes Manufacturing and Production positions at noteworthy knife companies, including Timberline Knives, Western Coleman Cutlery, Sebertech Tools and Seber Design Group.