Proudly made in the USA.

The FirstEdge® Company

FirstEdge® designs and builds superior quality, highly functional products that work and MAKES THEM IN THE USA. We partnered with U.S. Special Forces when certain of their knives and sheaths were failing in extreme conditions. FirstEdge® addressed the problems and created superior knives and sheaths that solved the demands and withstood the toughest conditions encountered in both deployment and training. These very same knives are now sold through our Authorized network of Dealers and Distributors.

Our USA MADE knives are constructed of superior quality ELMAX® Stainless Steel Blades and ultra-strong G-10 Handles. Blades are hardened to 60-61HRC, they are razor sharp and hold their edges longer than most other steels. Our knives are extremely tough and durable.

The company is extremely proud of our products and sincerely value our customers. We expect our users to be completely satisfied with their experience. All our products come with a 100% Lifetime Warranty. 

FirstEdge® closely partners with experts in the field to develop unique, efficient and practical solutions, that solve problems. The company builds value through a portfolio of patented products, generating revenue with the sale of these products. In addition, the company has designed and built specialized items for the Military, including Boat Racks and Backpack Frames.

The FirstEdge® Management, Design and Production Teams have over three decades of success in developing and bringing to market specialized and patentable products including Knives, Tools, Flashlights, Eyewear and Hardware.

FirstEdge® is dedicated to supporting uniformed personnel in all branches of the US Military as well as First Responders at local, state and federal levels.