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Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering & Dealers

Where can I buy FirstEdge® Knives?

FirstEdge® Knives are sold through many Authorized Resellers, both Retail Stores and On-Line Partners.
Please contact Customer Service at, or by phone at (877) 333-1833 or (760) 295-0770 for the closest dealer near you.

Can I buy directly from FirstEdge® factory?

FirstEdge® sells products primarily to Authorized Resellers. You may buy knives and accessories on our website.

Where can I buy accessories and spare parts?

FirstEdge® will supply spare parts for products. Please contact Customer Service at or by phone at 877-333-1833 or 760-295-0770.

How do I become a reseller of FirstEdge® knives?

Please click here for a DEALER APPLICATION form and follow on-screen instructions. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service at or by phone at 877-333-1833 or 760-295-0770


Why do the Military including many Special Force units use FirstEdge® Knives?

All branches of the U.S. Military, including certain Special Force units require particular styles of fixed and folding blade knives that have to meet specific criteria for use by deployed personnel. FirstEdge® produces both fixed and folding knives that exceed these expectations. Our knives and tools are field-tested and approved by Military personnel including some of the world’s most elite forces.

What is the TrackLock™ Locking system on FirstEdge folding knives?

Designed to be rugged and extremely tough, FirstEdge® TrackLock™ folding knives are equipped with a New Patent Pending Opening and Locking System designed for Military and Outdoor Extreme Applications and Environments.

The TrackLock™ has a large steel locking pin that passes through the blade as well as the steel liners. Many times the industrial standard for knife-lock failure has been applied to this ‘Double-Shear” mechanism with no sign of movement or lock failure. The TrackLock™ is truly a one-handed opening knife that allows for fast and safe opening and closing of our folding knives.

What is the Tri-Composite Sheath system invented by FirstEdge® Knives?

FirstEdge® Fixed Blade Patent-Pending Knife Sheaths were designed to withstand the harshest conditions on the planet. The Tri-Composite construction allows for disassembly, cleaning and reassembly in minutes. The outer layers are precision-formed KYDEX panels. 2 hardened Stainless Steel liners fit between the panels. The sheath is fastened together with hard-coated Stainless Steel Hex fasteners. Compartments and drain holes ensure moisture absorbance and sand grit retention is minimal. Knives snap securely into the KYDEX sheath and are removed with positive thumb pressure, ensuring safe carry as well as rapid and safe deployment.

Why is ELMAX Steel a superior knife steel?

FirstEdge is proud to offer ELMAX ™steel in our line of premium knife products. Produced by Uddeholm of Sweden, ELMAX ™ steel is “High Chromium-Vanadium-Molybdenum” alloyed steel,” made of 1.7% Carbon, 18% Chromium, 0.3% Manganese, 1% Molybdenum, 0.8% Silicon, and 3% Vanadium. This composition of metals results in a superior Stainless Steel alloy with extremely high wear-resistance; Superior corrosion resistance and High compressive strength. High wear resistance and High corrosion resistance together is very rare. ELMAX’s advance powder metallurgy technology allows for this desired combination. The steel is hardened to 60-61 HRC resulting in excellent edge-retention as well as high-impact resistance, yet as easy to sharpen and hold an edge as a good Carbon Steel alloy. ELMAX steel can withstand serious ultra-heavy use. Many experts agree that ELMAX steel is one of the best all-around stainless steel aloys with high-quality features that outperform many other premium knife steels. Testing shows knives made from many other stainless steels are strong in one aspect but weaker in others. Many knives are tough but hard to sharpen. Many are sharp, but prone to corrosion and rust. Others do not rust easily but blades are softer. ELMAX provides all these high-quality features, without any trade-offs. Using the industry standard CATRA (Cutlery Allied Trades Research Association) Edge Retention Test, ELMAX scored higher than other tested stainless steels, at a very impressive 62 HRC. In the TCC (total cards cut) test, that measures the number of silica impregnated cards that a knife can cut through at a time, ELMAX scored 930.7, second only to Bohler M390 Superclean Steel. The toughness of ELMAX steel at 60-61 HRC is better than many competitor’s stainless blade steels even at 57 HRC, despite the fact that steel with a lower HRC is typically tougher. ELMAX tested far better for corrosive resistance than 300 Series Stainless Steel, which most Dive Knives are constructed of. Knives constructed of ELMAX steel are suitable for many applications over many categories. In particular, ELMAX steel is ideal for Survival, Outdoor and Underwater applications, where high durability, toughness, wear and corrosion resistance is critical. ELMAX built knives can withstand extended exposure to heavy rain or moisture, extreme cold or hot weather combined with heavy constant use.  In addition, ELMAX is ideal for use in blades designed for hunting, fishing, as well as food service and kitchen work, where sharpness, ease of sharpening and robustness are critical features.

What is G-10 handle material?
G-10 is a fiberglass based resin impregnated laminate that is almost impervious to moisture and is highly heat-resistant. Layers of fiberglass cloth are soaked in resin and are compressed and baked. The resulting material is exceptionally hard, lightweight and extremely strong. G-10 is an ideal handle material for tactical knives because of its ruggedness, durability and light weight. G-10 can be machined to include patterns that significantly improve grip
Why do FirstEdge® Knives have different insignia on the same model?

The company uses different insignia to determine the year in which that the product was manufactured. We do this only for Warranty and Quality Assurance. All products are made to the same high standards and quality, irrespective of the year.  Products made in 2015 have 1 small star in the blade etching. 2016 is represented by 2 stars. 2017 has 3 stars.

Care & Warranty

How do I take care of my FirstEdge® Knife?

While FirstEdge® Knives are extremely tough and durable they are precision cutting instruments. Care should always be taken to remove moisture, dirt and other impediments from blades, handles and sheaths. We highly recommend that blades should be periodically cleaned and wiped with mineral oil.

Fixed blade knives should always be stored in the sheath for practical and safety reasons. Take care to ensure that any foreign objects are removed from the sheath to ensure the blade is not scratched or damaged.

Folding knives should always be stored in the closed position for practical and safety reasons. It is highly recommended to periodically cycle the blade open and closed to ensure any dust or other foreign particles are removed.

How do I sharpen my FirstEdge® Knife?

FirstEdge® knives leave the factory razor-sharp. The edge on the blade will last dependent on the amount and type of use of the knife. We recommend the periodic use of an Arkansas Honing Stone to remove burrs and to maintain the edge. We recommend the sharpening angle to be 16° to 18° each side.

Should the blade become dull even after the use of a honing stone or steel, we highly recommend that the blade be professionally re-sharpened.


What is the Warranty on a FirstEdge® knife?


At FirstEdge®, we are extremely proud of our products and sincerely value our customers. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. Our Fixed Blade knives are designed to withstand heavy, extreme use, and if your knife fails, we will repair or replace it free of charge, no questions asked – Forever. Our Folding Knives are tough and are designed for powerful, precision cutting. If your folding knife fails to perform due to a defect and doesn’t meet your expectations, we will repair or replace your knife free of charge – Forever. We don’t expect our knives to fail, but if this happens, we will take care of you.

Should you have a warranty issue, please direct all inquiries to FirstEdge® using one of these options:

Warranty Form
Phone (877) 333-1833 or (760) 295-0770
Fax (760) 536-5224

We will issue a Return Authorization Number (RA#) that must be included when shipping your product. Outbound warranty shipments from FirstEdge® will be returned to you at our expense.