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FirstEdge®/Ryan Hoover 4680 HR-1 TRAINER w/Kydex Sheath


The FirstEdge® HR-1 TRAINING Knife was designed in partnership with renowned Self Defense and Fighting Instructor Ryan Hoover (Fit-To-Fight® & Funker Tactical). This Blunt-Tip Aluminum Training version of the HR-1 is the perfect Training Knife to practice offensive and defensive knife skills without fear of injury. The TRAINER is equipped with a Kydex Sheath ideal for IWB, Belt, or Pocket carry. The sheath has 2 lanyard holes for neck carry.

The HR-1 4050 Fighter/Backup Knife is the perfect low profile primary or backup knife for Law Enforcement, Military, and Self Defense use. The knife is also used in the field as a detail or bird & trout knife. The HR-1 is made with ELMAX® Steel, a superior blade steel with extremely high wear resistance, superior corrosion resistance, high compressive strength, and excellent dimensional stability that retains size and form under heavy use. 

The full HR-1 Kit (4880) contains a Knife, a Trainer and a Sheath



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  • Tanto Fixed Blade Shape
  • Blue Anodized Aluminum – .110” Thick / 7.125” Overall Length
  • Blunt-Tip blade
  • Striking Pommel
  • Retention Hole and Finger Grooves
  • Molded Kydex Sheath with IWB pocket clip
  • 3.0 oz.Packaged Weight / 2.0 oz. Knife Only
FIRSTEDGE® 4050 HR-1 Teaser

Ryan is a World Renowned Self Defense and Fighting Instructor. Extensively trained in Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Wrestling, Muay Thai, and more. He is the Co-Founder of the worldwide affiliate training organization Fit to Fight®. Ryan has authored and co-developed numerous training programs and has successfully run Weapons Defense and Retention Training courses and seminars for a large number of institutions including NC Justice Academy, Juvenile Crime Prevention Council, CO State Trooper Academy, security forces at Ramstein AFB and many Sheriff and Police Forces. In addition, Ryan is the personal trainer of many professional athletes, celebrities and instructors in eight countries around the world.

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4050-4680-4880 Product Insert

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The 4680 Is a great training knife! Bob G. USMC

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