Proudly made in the USA.

FirstEdge®KYDEX REVERSIBLE Sheath for Ryan Hoover HR-1 & HR-2 Knives & Trainers


The FirstEdge® HR-1/HR-2 FULLY REVERSIBLE Knife Sheath fits all Ryan Hoover Backup/Self-Defense Knives.


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The Sheath is constructed of precision-formed KYDEX® panels that are fastened together with hard-coated stainless steel Hex fasteners. Compartments and drain holes ensure moisture absorbance and sand grit retention is minimal. Knives snap securely into the KYDEX® Sheath and are removed with positive thumb pressure, ensuring safe carry and extremely rapid and safe deployment.

The clip is designed to securely retain the sheath on a belt, (IWB) Inside the Waistband or on MOLLE

To Reverse the sheath, unscrew the 2-56 size screws holding the clip, using the provided 0.050″ Hex Wrench. Re-fasten the clip to the other side of the sheath. 


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